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UP Rainbow Pride is an All-volunteer run organization. Join us in making the Upper Peninsula a safer and more welcoming place for LGBTQ+ people. Whether once a year or every week, every little bit helps. We're looking for help in the teams described below. Fill out the form on this page to learn more.

Marketing Team

  • Creates press releases, e-newsletters, graphics?, 

  • Sends relevant copy and graphics to social media team

  • Coordinates TV, Radio, and newspaper interviews 

  • Adds upcoming events to all possible local calendars (Marquette Monthly, Compass, etc)

  • Programs used: Discord, Google Workspace, Wix, Mailchimp

Social Media Team

  • Creates social media calendar and posts

  • Collects and organizes images, videos, and language for posts

  • Ensures links, photo credit, and all relevant information are in every post

  • Social Media Team Leaders answer direct messages and comment questions

  • Programs used: Discord, Google Workspace, meta business suite, Canva

Events Team

  • Coordinates times and locations for events

  • Ensures necessary materials are available for events (including researching for purchases necessary and giving specifications and deadlines to treasurer for purchases)

  • Programs used: Discord, Google Workspace

Fundraising & Sponsorship Team

  • Primarily focuses on PrideFest for now, expanding in the future

  • Update sponsorship packet and distribute

  • Reach out to and follow up with businesses to get commitments, payments, logos, etc

  • Relay relevant information to Events Team

  • Programs used: Discord, Google Workspace

Entertainment (PrideFest) Team

  • Set entertainment schedule for PrideFest

  • Research potential bands, reach out to determine availability and pricing

  • Create call for artists for Drag Shows, select performers, and relay necessary information such as call times, song due dates, etc

  • Helps manage entertainers during PrideFest

  • Sends relevant logos, descriptions, links, and images to Marketing and Social Media Teams

  • Programs used: Discord, Google Workspace

Vendor (PrideFest) Team

  • Updates vendor sign up form and prices

  • Reaches out to potential vendors, answers questions, confirms payment

  • Creates Vendor map

  • Checks-in/out Vendors during PrideFest

  • Relays logos, links, etc to Marketing and Social Media Teams

  • Programs used: Discord, Google Workspace

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