About Us

Upper Peninsula Rainbow Pride (UP Pride) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based out of Marquette, Michigan. Our main goals include providing resources and hosting local LGBT-friendly activities and events. Activities and events (like our annual Pride Fest) can be found on our google calendar, on our website www.uprainbowpride.org, or on our facebook community page. Community members can also connect to one another using our facebook group.

UP PRIDE believes that everyone should be free to express their sexuality and gender in a way that is healthy and affirming. Pride is having the freedom to embrace your identity while being able to overcome the obstacles you face on a daily basis. Pride is about unconditional love, which anyone should be free to celebrate regardless of race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, education, religion, disability, financial or familial status. Pride is about living and loving authentically, which everyone should be able to do fearlessly.

The best times of your life are when you can be you without fear, without shame and without remorse for simply existing. It takes courage to be you in a world that tells you otherwise.

OUR HISTORY: We began meeting and planning events in the summer of 2013 with the hopes of one day holding Upper Michigan's first Pride Fest. In September of 2014 we met that milestone! In 2015 we began planning more monthly events and gatherings, reaching out to a much wider community and offering more support. We met our long-time goal of becoming a 501c3 nonprofit organization and our other goal of building a new website in Summer of 2016. June 2020 was to have been our Seventh Annual Pride Fest and our biggest yet, however due to the COVID pandemic we have been forced to reschedule (for the second time) our Seventh Annual Pride Fest for June 2022. Besides switching from September to June we are changing location to Mattson Lower Harbor Park, which will give us greater visibility, more space to work with, and many more opportunities.

In 2021, instead of Pride Fest we are planning a covid-safe Pride Promenade for June 26th, which will coordinate with Art Week and give community members a chance to celebrate our unity.

As our organization moves into the future we are shifting our focus toward collaboration with other groups to provide more resources, applying for grants and obtaining donations so that we can continue to host events, and working toward our eventual goal of having an LGBT-Resource Center. 

We can be reached by email at uprainbowpride@gmail.com or at U.P. Rainbow Pride, P.O. Box 954, Marquette, MI 49855. Donations can also be sent directly to our paypal or to the above USPS address.

The evolution of Upper Peninsula Rainbow Pride

A brief history of our logo...

Our Original Logo, which we used from 2013-2015