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Welcome to the Transgender Support section of the Upper Peninsula Rainbow Pride website


"Transgender" is a broad term covering individuals who are gender non-conforming. Each distinct group under this umbrella has different social, emotional, physical, medical, and legal needs. Transgender and transsexual are often used interchangeably when in reality they both cover different groups of people with very different needs.

In addition to this page, there are other online forums for transgender people in Upper Michigan. (Many require a Facebook account) 

Facebook - Upper Peninsula Transgender Support Group 

Facebook - TGMI - Sault Ste Marie Chapter 

Facebook - TGMI - Marquette Chapter 

Facebook - TGMI - Transgender Michigan 

Facebook - TGMI - Iron Mountain Chapter

TG Coffee is a support/conversation group which is led by Marissa Jayne Wolfe, a board member of UP Pride who transitioned in 2009 and can answer many questions and provide some resources. Marissa is available to meet by appointment at any public location in Marquette (such as a coffee shop) or over Zoom. Email for more info or contact her on Facebook Messenger. IMPORTANTANT: PLEASE SET UP A TIME TO MEET A FEW DAYS IN ADVANCE, OTHERWISE MARISSA CANNOT GUARANTEE SHE WILL BE AVAILABLE TO MEET ON SHORT NOTICE. 


TG Coffee provides a space to meet for anyone who falls under the transgender umbrella who is considering transitioning from male-to-female or from female-to-male or anyone who has other transition-related issues or questions. This support group is also open to family members of transgender individuals who may be looking for ways to support their loved one. Topics can be covered as needed, including where to turn for help, coming out to parents and friends, dressing, passing, shopping, therapists, doctors, dealing with side effects from hormones, etc. Privacy is important! Everything that happens in the meeting will remain confidential.

Note: The Transgender Support Group is NOT a part of UP Rainbow Pride. 

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